Windsor Championship Dog Show - Latest news
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Full results for each day are available on the Higham Press website.

News of the show will be on both the Dog World and Our Dogs websites.


Unfortunately the normal access gate for Caravans is out of use.


If you are arriving before 10am on Tuesday please use Gate 2 which will be sign posted and marshalled, the normal gate will not be in use.

If you're coming from Windsor Town centre go over the mini roundabout after the railway station, along the avenue and it's the first gate on your Left hand side.

If you're coming from Datchet it is the 3rd gate on the Right hand side after the show ground


If you are arriving anytime after 10am on Tuesday and any of the following days please go to the mini roundabout and turn Left (if you're coming from Windsor town centre) or Right (if you're coming from Datchet, after the show ground). On entering the road follow it right to the very end, through the car park to the gate which will be manned by Caravan marshals.


Some of you will be aware that there are speed humps along this road, these have been re-done this year to be lower than in previous years, so access to all vehicles is permissible.


It is important that you follow the directions of the caravan site staff at all times to ease your access to the caravan park.


The caravan site is already fully booked.


NO ARRIVALS BEFORE 7.00am on Tuesday are permitted.


Thank you for your cooperation

Where to find your breed - by day Print E-mail

Find the benching tent, entries, ring number, order in ring and expected time by day.

Change of judge for Briards, Catalan Sheepdogs and Bernese Mountain Dogs Print E-mail

Briards and Catalan Sheepdogs will now be judged by Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter.

Bernese Mountain Dogs will now be judged by Mrs Gillian Sharman.

Change of Judge for Old English Sheepdogs Print E-mail

Old English Sheepdogs will now be judged by Mrs Brenda White.


Please note

There will be a tent for unentered dogs at each entrance to the show. The charity Rottweiler Welfare will be providing this facility. There is a small charge per dog per day to their funds for providing this facility for your benefit.