Windsor Championship Dog Show - Latest news
Change of judge - Danie Dinmont Terriers Print E-mail

Danie Dinmont Terriers will now be judged by Mr Frank Kane.

Additional changes of judge - Otterhounds and Portuguese Podengos Print E-mail

Otterhounds will now be judged By Mr Albert Wight.


Portuguese Podengos will now be judged by Mr Ben Reynolds-Frost.

Latest show information Print E-mail

For full details of where and when to find your breed please see the Show Information pages. Ring numbering has changed this year and so please pay particular attention to the updated ring layout diagram.

Changes of judge - Miniature Schnauzers and English Setters Print E-mail

Miniature Schnauzers will now be judged by Lee Cox.

English Setters will now be judged by Peter Halstead (subject to KC approval).

Looking forward to 2018 Print E-mail

Following a very successful show in 2017, the dates for 2018 are :

  • Thursday 28th June - Hounds and Toys
  • Friday 29th June - Terrier and Utility
  • Saturday 30th June - Working and Pastoral
  • Sunday 1st July - Gundogs

Please note

Dogs and other animals, must not be left in vehicles. A Dog Hospitality Tent (Crèche), operated by the Rottweiler Welfare Charity No. 279478-R is provided at the Public/Exhibitors Car Park A Entrance. There is a small charge per dog per day to their funds.