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Windsor are pleased to announce that the Kennel Club have passed the following Judges for the 2017 Show.


Show - Day Breeds Judge Notes
Friday Affenpinschers Mrs V Kemeny
Friday Afghan Hounds Mrs M Holder
Saturday Airedale Terriers Mr K Bartlett
Saturday Akitas Mr R Newhouse
Sunday Alaskan Malamutes Mr R Newhouse
Thursday - Sunday All Groups and Best in Show Miss A E Ingram
Thursday - Sunday All Puppy Groups and Best Puppy in Show Miss J C Dove
Thursday - Sunday All Veteran Groups and Best Veteran in Show Mr C A Saevich
Sunday Australian Cattle Dogs Mr F Kane
Sunday Australian Shepherds Mr R McDonald
Friday Australian Silky Terriers Mr S R Goodwin
Saturday Australian Terriers Mrs S Thomson
Thursday - Sunday AVNSC Mr T Munro
Friday Basenjis Mr G Corish
Friday Basset Fauve de Bretagne Mrs R Farrell
Friday Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) Miss S Parker
Friday Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) Mrs L Scott
Friday Basset Hounds Ms J McDonald-Ulliott
Friday Beagles Mrs J Woodcock
Sunday Bearded Collies Mrs D Atkins
Sunday Beauceron Mrs G C Gray
Saturday Bedlington Terriers Mr K Bartlett
Sunday Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Groenendael) Ms N Mackie
Sunday Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Malinois) Ms N Mackie
Sunday Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Tervueren) Miss M Hodgson Subject to KC approval
Sunday Bernese Mountain Dogs Dr R W James
Friday Bichon Frise Mr R Haynes
Friday Bloodhounds Mr B Bosch
Friday Bolognese Mrs K Begg
Sunday Border Collies Mr I Wiltshire
Saturday Border Terriers Mr S A McPherson
Friday Borzoi Mrs B Ahrens Primavera
Saturday Boston Terriers Mrs M S Hounslow
Sunday Bouvier des Flandres Mrs F Jonas
Sunday Boxers Miss C M Ellingworth
Thursday Bracco Italiano Miss N Spencer
Sunday Briards Miss D Wilson
Thursday Brittany Mr F Kane Subject to KC approval
Saturday Bull Terriers Mr B Bosch
Saturday Bull Terriers (Miniature) Mr S Walker
Saturday Bulldogs Mr B Bosch
Sunday Bullmastiffs Mr B D Day
Saturday Cairn Terriers Mrs C M Roberts
Sunday Catalan Sheepdog Mr D Clarke
Thursday - Sunday Catherine Sutton Memorial Puppy Stakes Mr M Caple
Friday Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Mrs M Rees
Saturday Cesky Terriers Mr M J Garnham
Friday Chihuahuas (Long Coat) Mr R Haynes
Friday Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat) Mr A P Moran
Friday Chinese Crested Dogs Mr K D Sinclair
Friday Cirneco dell'Etna Mrs B J Brooker
Sunday Collies (Rough) Miss M J Blake
Sunday Collies (Smooth) Mr P J Jolley
Friday Coton de Tulear Mrs L Macleod
Friday Dachshunds (Long Haired) Mr H R I Heathcote
Friday Dachshunds (Min. Long Haired) Mr J Horswell
Friday Dachshunds (Min. Smooth Haired) Miss E Mitchell
Friday Dachshunds (Min. Wire Haired) Dr R W James
Friday Dachshunds (Smooth Haired) Mr H R I Heathcote
Friday Dachshunds (Wire Haired) Dr R W James
Saturday Dalmatians Mrs K Goff-Leggett
Saturday Dandie Dinmont Terriers Mrs B Deacon
Friday Deerhound Miss S L Finnett
Sunday Dobermanns Miss L C Wright
Sunday Dogue de Bordeaux Mr B Bosch
Thursday English Setters Mrs C A Bexon
Friday English Toy Terriers


P Jolly Subject to KC approval
Sunday Estrela Mountain Dogs Mr M E Taylor
Saturday Eurasier Mr J Horswell
Sunday Finnish Lapphunds Mrs I B Buchanan Green
Friday Finnish Spitz Mr G Corish
Saturday Fox Terriers (Smooth) Mrs M Hughes
Saturday Fox Terriers (Wire) Mr G Corish
Saturday French Bulldogs Mrs L Bonsall
Thursday German Longhaired Pointers (Bitch) Miss N Spencer
Thursday German Longhaired Pointers (Dog) Mrs T Boyles
Sunday German Shepherd Dogs Ms A Swift
Thursday German Shorthaired Pointers Mrs C Sharp
Saturday German Spitz (Klein) Mrs C A Trendle
Saturday German Spitz (Mittel) Mr F Kane
Thursday German Wirehaired Pointers Mr R Geary
Sunday Giant Schnauzers Mr A Fletcher
Saturday Glen of Imaal Terriers Mr D G L Winsley
Thursday Gordon Setters Mrs K Reid
Sunday Great Danes Mr R Newhouse
Sunday Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs Mrs S Parkin-Russell
Friday Greyhounds Mrs B Ahrens Primavera
Friday Griffons Bruxellois Mr M S Quinney
Thursday - Sunday Group Captain Sutton Memorial Veteran Stakes, Champion Stakes & AV Brace Mr P A Young
Friday Hamiltonstovare Mr C Pascoe
Friday Havanese Mr S Bardwell
Sunday Hungarian Pulis Mr F Kane
Thursday Hungarian Vizslas Mr C B Bexon
Thursday Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas Mr C B Bexon
Friday Ibizan Hounds Mr P J Jolley
Thursday - Sunday Imported Register Mr T Munro
Thursday Irish Red & White Setters Mr W Browne-Cole
Thursday Irish Setters Mr D J Bell
Saturday Irish Terriers Mrs B Deacon
Friday Irish Wolfhounds Mrs S E Thornton
Friday Italian Greyhounds Dr R Hodges
Thursday Italian Spinone Mr R Geary
Saturday Jack Russell Terriers Mr W Gray
Saturday Japanese Akita Inu Mr M E Shutt
Friday Japanese Chin Mrs L Benton-Taylor
Saturday Japanese Shiba Inu Mr R Newhouse
Saturday Japanese Spitz Mrs J Waller
Thursday - Sunday Junior Handling Association (6 - 11) & (12 - 16) Miss S L Stacey
Saturday Keeshonds Mr T J Ball
Saturday Kerry Blue Terriers Mr R Allen
Friday King Charles Spaniels Mr M Quinney
Saturday Kooikerhondje Mr P Swinburn
Thursday Lagotto Romagnolo Mr R J Morris
Saturday Lakeland Terriers Mr G Corish
Sunday Lancashire Heelers Mr D Clarke
Thursday Large Munsterlanders Mrs L S Trow
Sunday Leonbergers Mrs M Bryant
Saturday Lhasa Apsos Mr D G Roberts
Friday Lowchen Mrs A Raines
Friday Maltese Mr S Bardwell
Saturday Manchester Terriers Mr F Kane
Sunday Maremma Sheepdogs Mrs G C Hague
Sunday Mastiffs Mr J T Smith
Friday Miniature Pinschers Miss N Mackie
Saturday Miniature Schnauzers Mrs L Gudgin
Sunday Neopolitan Mastiffs Mr B Bosch
Sunday Newfoundlands Miss S Ashdown
Saturday Norfolk Terriers Mrs P M Gray
Sunday Norwegian Buhunds Mr F Kane
Friday Norwegian Elkhounds Mr P S Singleton
Saturday Norwich Terriers Mrs N R Newton
Sunday Old English Sheepdogs Mr D Clarke
Friday Otterhounds Mr R M H Griffiths
Friday Papillons Mrs J Scovell
Saturday Parson Russell Terriers Mrs K F Denby-Gardner
Friday Pekingese Miss A Summers
Friday Pharaoh Hounds Miss S Parker
Thursday Pointers Mr C Woodward
Sunday Polish Lowland Sheepdogs Mrs E C Everest
Friday Pomeranians Mr N R Marsh
Saturday Poodles (Miniature) Mr G Corish
Saturday Poodles (Standard) Miss K A Young
Saturday Poodles (Toy) Mr F Kane
Friday Portuguese Podengo |Mrs T Boyles
Sunday Portuguese Water Dogs Mrs J B Johns
Friday Pugs Mr B Bosch
Sunday Pyrenean Mountain Dogs Mrs C Kenyon
Sunday Pyrenean Sheepdog (Long Haired) Mr M E Taylor
Thursday Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay) Mr M W E Herwin
Thursday Retrievers (Curly Coated) Mr M W E Herwin
Thursday Retrievers (Flat Coated) Mrs J P Gill Davis
Thursday Retrievers (Golden) Mrs J Barrow
Thursday Retrievers (Labrador) Mrs L Kent
Thursday Retrievers (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) Mrs A M F Howes
Friday Rhodesian Ridgebacks Mr G A Hill
Sunday Rottweilers Mrs J Killilea
Sunday Russian Black Terriers Miss L Bridges
Friday Salukis Miss N Quadling
Sunday Samoyeds Miss M Hodgson
Saturday Schipperkes Mr T J Ball
Saturday Schnauzers Miss K Sanders
Saturday Scottish Terriers Mrs S Thomson
Saturday Sealyham Terriers Mrs S Thomson
Saturday Shar Pei Mr J Horswell
Sunday Shetland Sheepdogs Mr G A Hill
Saturday Shih Tzus Mrs J Clifford
Sunday Siberian Huskies Ms Y Gardner
Saturday Skye Terriers Mr W Gray
Saturday Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers Mr R Allen
Thursday Spaniels (American Cocker) Mrs J Price
Thursday Spaniels (Clumber) Mr B Bosch
Thursday Spaniels (Cocker) Mrs A Rathbone
Thursday Spaniels (English Springer) Miss J Tracz
Thursday Spaniels (Field) Mr H Taylor
Thursday Spaniels (Irish Water) Mr M W E Herwin
Thursday Spaniels (Sussex) Mrs C A Bexon
Thursday Spaniels (Welsh Springer) Mr F Kane
Thursday Spanish Water Dogs Mr C Woodward
Thursday - Sunday Special Beginners Stakes Mr M Cocozza
Sunday St. Bernards Mr T Munro
Saturday Staffordshire Bull Terriers Mr G Hinsley
Sunday Swedish Vallhunds Mrs M Bryant
Thursday - Sunday The AV Good Citizens Dog Scheme Class Mr S C Bardwell
Thursday - Sunday The Terry Thorn Memorial Open Stakes Mr M Cocozza
Thursday - Sunday The Windsor Open Charity Stakes Mrs F Krall
Sunday Tibetan Mastiffs Mr B Bosch
Saturday Tibetan Spaniels Mr L Prouve
Saturday Tibetan Terriers Mr A P Moran
Thursday Weimaraners Mr R McMaster
Sunday Welsh Corgis (Cardigan) Mr D P Knights
Sunday Welsh Corgis (Pembroke) Miss A E Benson
Saturday Welsh Terriers Mr N Merrick
Saturday West Highland White Terriers Mrs A Bartlett
Friday Whippets Mr F Kane
Thursday - Sunday Windsor Junior Stakes Mr S C Bardwell
Friday Yorkshire Terriers Mr S R Goodwin