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With grateful thanks to Alan Walker, Photographer Dog World, here are some additional photographs from this year's show.


WA4538-Jy11 RES BIS Std poodle.jpgWA4559-Jy11 BIS BMD, judge etc.jpgWA4574-Jy11 Best op sex in show PBGV.jpgWA4579-Jy11 Hound grp 1 PBGV.jpgWA4615-Jy11 presentation to BIS judge.jpgWA4634-Jy11 BIS handler & dog.jpgWA2169-Jy11 working grp 1 BMD.jpgWA2203-Jy11 Ian & gary.jpgWA2218-Jy11 Pastoral grp 1 GSD.jpgWA3022-Jy11 committee.jpgWA3109-Jy11 gundog grp 1 pointer.jpgWA4311-Jy11 Toy grp 1 maltese.jpgWA1114-Jy11 Utility grp 1 Std poodle.jpgWA1166-Jy11 Terrier grp 1 Ir Terrier.jpgWA2027-Jy11 group stewards.jpgWA2094-Jy11.jpgWA2096-Jy11.jpg